Accessories for fireplaces
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Accessories for fireplaces

Equipment-tools and accessories

Necessary tools for fireplaces are:

  • Long fireplace tongs for grabbing and adjusting pieces of wood,
  • Long metal pokers for moving the wood around and making adjustments to the fire so that it will burn properly,
  • Wood handling gloves so the hands won't be hurt moving wood to the fire and to avoid being burned when putting more wood in the fire.
  • Also, a necessity for fireplace maintenance is a bucket for disposing ashes. A shovel to accompany this bucket is a good idea, as ashes can be inches deep in the firebox.
  • A hearth broom is necessary for sweeping out the remnants of ash and pieces of wood left over after the fire.
  • A fire extinguisher is important to have for any fire emergencies that might occur while using the fireplace.
  • A fireplace grate is necessary for even distribution of kindling and wood for proper burning. Air flow is important for efficient burning and a grate, which also protects the integrity of the fireplace by keeping the burning wood from scoring the floor of the box, lets all the parts of a fire do their job without crowding and suffocating each other.
  • Fireplace mesh (doors are good as well, but mush is absolutely necessary. Doors can be optional). Mesh keeps hot ashes and wood and fire fragments from jumping from the firebox onto the floor. Wood can pop while it burns and this can cause pieces of burning wood to pop out and onto the floor if mesh isn't preventing it from happening. Glass doors are good, but even then mesh is necessary to keep the fire from hitting the glass. Glass doors keep heat in the house while keeping smoke out.

Types of Fireplaces

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