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Stove accessories

When buying a woodstove its important to have some accessories to compliment the stove and to aid it in heating the house efficiently and to help keep the stove clean.

Ash vacuum cleaners have special filters that are fire resistant and that filter out things like wood and debris from fires. These are especially good for cleaning out woodstoves.

Woodburner's gloves are necessary for handling wood and for putting more wood into woodstoves.

Sometimes and outside air duct is required to help the stove burn properly. Woodstoves have air intake valves, and outside intake adapters fit to the intake valve. This allows air from the outside to be filtered in through a round flange in the piping and the flange allows only so much air to go through when pressure builds and more air is needed.

Mesh screens called spark screens are used for stoves that can operate with the doors open. These screens prevent sparks from flying out of the stove and onto the floor or from landing on flammable items such as rugs or furniture and causing a fire.

A blower is a fan that fits onto a woodstove and circulates hot air from the stove out into the room. It is advisable to put a fan in a certain proximity to a blower as the cool air must be able to circulate back to the stove to start the cycle over again and keep the air circulating.

A woodstove thermometer is necessary for measuring how hot the stove gets. The heat measurement determines how well the stove is working and helps to trouble shoot any problems that may arise.

Heat shields can be used to block heat from melting of heating to the point of combustion floors, walls, or other meltable things in a home. Heat shields can be placed on floors underneath stoves that are set on wood floors or in the back of stoves that are close to walls.

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