Basic parts of a woodstove
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Basic parts of a woodstove

The basic parts of a woodstove are:

  • The load door and the firebox. The firebox is where the fire is built and burns and the load door is the main door to the stove into which the wood to be burned is fed. Some new stoves have what is called an air wash. This is an opening somewhere in the face of the stove that allows air to circulate so the glass (if there is any) that sits in the load door doesn't become black with soot from condensation.
  • An ash pan is a pan located under the firebox to catch the ash from fires that have been burned.
  • A baffle is a mechanism that slows the smoke in the stove. A baffle is a plate that sits inside the firebox at the top causing the smoke to circulate around the stove which encourages the fire to burn hot. The damper of a stove can be located in the stove itself or in the stove pipe leading up to the chimney. Some stoves have both and some newer stoves have no damper at all. The function of a damper is to regulate the smoke and gasses inside the woodstove so that they can be directed out of the stove and into the flue to be let out. A flue collar is an opening somewhere on the top part of the stove where the stovepipe connects to the stove. Exhaust from the firebox and let out through the damper travel up through the flue collar.
  • Some stoves have secondary burn tubes. These tubes cause smoke to burn rather than go up the chimney and out into the environment. Flammable air that would ordinarily leave through the stove pipe is burned up due to the airflow allowed through secondary pipes.

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