Types of woodstoves
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Types of woodstoves

EPA certified stoves are guaranteed to burn 80% cleaner than the average stove. These stoves can be located by looking for the EPA label on the front of the stove. Most new wood stoves are EPA certified.

Catalytic converter stoves are designed to burn at lower temperatures to control the burning of the fire and prolong it. This prevents the chimney from becoming dirty quickly, as is what happens when fires burn at their normal 1,200 degrees with a non catalytic stove. Catalytic stoves have a honeycomb looking system inside that helps to regulate air flow.

Non-catalytic converter stoves re-circulate air to re burn it. These stoves are well insulated to keep heat in. There is no converter in these stoves, but a baffle, for extra combustion that catalytic stoves don't need. Stoves without catalytic converters are smaller inside and require more frequent loading and usually require smaller logs as the firebox chamber isn't as big.

Circulating stoves tend to be more airtight and therefore more cost effective. These stoves heat by circulating heat from the stove through air flow, with some of the stoves having an air output of their own. The fireboxes of circulating stoves are lined with brick and have a double lining of metal, which keeps the out surface of the stove cool.

Radiant wood stoves heat by radiant heat, which is to say that the heat radiates out from the stove with no help from air flow. The fire inside burns quite hot for the heat to radiate out from the stove, therefore heating the room it is in quite nicely. Radiant stoves are usually have no brick lining the firebox and have only one layer of metal.

Combustion stoves have an old fashioned look to them. They too are radiant heating units that have the option to open the load door and view the fire.

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