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Becoming a Chimney Sweep

Education, Training and Finding a Job.

Chimney sweeps undergo educational training for the various responsibilities they carry when performing their job. Training involves education pertaining to the laws of construction and the proper uses of energy and fire protection. These courses also offer the basic techniques of servicing chimneys, as well as training on the use of equipment, inspection of chimneys and safety. There are specific chimney sweep codes and practices that need to be followed, and those persons being trained learn the specific ins and outs of different chimney set ups. Classroom training as well as actual on the job experience provide the chimney sweep with the factual knowledge of what a career in chimney sweeping is really like. The basic lessons a chimney sweep will earn in school are troubleshooting problems, how to inspect different kinds of chimneys and different systems for heating, and fire and health precautions.

Chimney sweeps that have certification they have completed training courses from school specializing in chimney sweep and heating appliance schools are likely to be hired or have better results finding clients when starting their own businesses. Proving to potential customers up front that the knowledge of how to do the job is there not only based on experience but that coursework was completed lends confidence to the decision to hire and to pay what that person is worth.

Chimney Safety Institute of America

The Chimney Safety Institute of American is a not for profit organization located in Indiana. The CSIA provides classes to new chimney sweeps as well as established sweeps. Also provided is information to the public about what to expect from a sweep and how to check on heating systems to troubleshoot for potential problems, as well as suggesting cleaning schedules. The job of chimney sweep encompasses many responsibilities. Not only do sweeps service chimneys but they also service the heating appliances that create the smoke sent through them.

CSIA offers certification classes for professional chimney sweeps. This program is the only nationally certified program a chimney sweep can attend and say he or she is nationally certified. The Chimney Safety Institute of America also provides education for dryer exhaust technicians. Improper dryer venting is a cause for fires and creates a hazard if not done properly and maintained appropriately.

National Chimney Sweep Guild

The National Chimney Sweep Guild protects its members by offering them support in the form of discounted education, codes effecting business issued from state and federal sources, access to trade shows, different information on fire safety organizations, reading material in the form of magazines and publications, and discounts on advertising through publications or on the guild web site.

The National Chimney Sweep Guild has gained considerable recognition in the past 25 years as a reliable supporter of the chimney sweep community. Efforts are made to help sweeps get affordable medical insurance and discounted liability insurance as well. Extensive discounts are available on chimney sweep products as a member of the Guild.

The guild also provides a calendar of events for conventions, fire safety lectures, testing for certification and trade shows.

There are Guild members around the country and contacts are provided for members as well as an internet mail list discussion group for exchanging information on products.

National Association of Chimney Sweeps

The National Association of Chimney Sweeps is a member of the European Federation of Chimney Sweeps. Members of this association must be trained and tested by the association for the specific qualifications of a chimney sweep belonging to the NACS.

Members of NACS provide clients with expert knowledge having to do with chimneys and all heating appliance (and their components) installation and performance information.

The internet can provide access to people all over the world. For chimney sweeps, the internet can be a valuable tool for communicating with fellow sweepers across town, the other side of the country or from many different countries.

There are organizations, associations and guilds dedicated to the service of providing chimney weeps with information designed to aid them in their job. Frequently, the web sites for these groups provide forums in the form of discussion emails or message board forums so that common circumstances can be discussed and a community developed for support.

The chimney sweep community is not limited to the Untied States. Guilds and organizations representing chimney sweeps from all points in the western world are available for reading on the World Wide Web.

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