Tips for stove owners
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Tips for stove owners

A checklist to be carried out regularly can aid in the proper care and performance of a wood stove.

Seasoned firewood is the best firewood to use as other woods are moist in the middle and promote condensation which eventually causes buildup of creosote in the chimney and may cause a fire. Learning how to build a fire properly is also important. Paper and dry kindling combined with slightly larger pieces of wood create a bed of hot embers so that larger pieces of wood may be added. Also, and very important, over filling the wood stove is bad for the stove and for the chimney. It creates stress on the stove and a lot of smoke causing a buildup of smoke chemicals called creosote in the chimney piping.

Running the stove very hot for long periods of time ruins the internal structure of the stove. Some people believe that running the stove hot cleans the stove but this is far from the truth. This process heats the metal of the stove and can compromise the integrity of the structure.

At least once a year have the chimney and stove checked by a chimney sweep. Things to look for when examining a stove are regular stove and chimney maintenance. Check the stove for any separations, worn gaskets or bent metal. If there is glass on the load door check it to see what condition it is in. Chimneys can be checked by looking at the outside for worn spots, bent metal, disconnected parts in the chimney and other signs of wear. Also, checking the roof at the base of the chimney is essential to prevent any leaks through into the house.

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